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Green Cleaning

What is Green Cleaning?  The federal government has defined green cleaning as “products and services that have a lesser or reduced effect on human health and the environment when compared with competing products and services that serve the same purpose.”  This definition was instituted to protect the health of our planet as well as its inhabitants. SRS Property Management Corporation cares for our planet earth and its sustainable values.

SRS Property Management Corporation has long been aware of the global impact commercial cleaning products can have on our planet and has always used Eco-friendly alternatives that have put SRS Property Management Corp. at the forefront in the green cleaning arena. We also ensure that the products we choose strike a unique balance between sustainability, performance and price. That’s why we choose our cleaning products based on the following environmental standards:

  • Non-toxic corrosive chemical

  • Bio-accumulative and toxic chemicals,

  • Coldwater effective,

  • Recyclable containers.

  • Low or no Volatile Organic Compound Content (VOCs),

  • No Alkyl cleaning solutions

  • Octyl or Nonyl Phenol Ethoxylates (APE’s, OPE’s, NPE’s),

  • No Ozone depleting compounds,

  • Zero to low hazardous waste characteristics,

Green Cleaning or Conventional Chemicals

We use green cleaning products that are free of harsh chemicals like teratogens and  that are known to cause birth defects, cause cancer and mutagens that alter DNA. Benefits are overall improvement of air quality, the reduction of wastes, and the absence of phosphates and phosphonates.

Other Factors
to Consider

The EPA rates indoor air quality as a top-five health risk and estimates that two-thirds of our buildings are rated “SICK” with over 100 million lost work days from poor indoor air quality.  With 80% of our time being spent indoors, there are many good reasons why you should keep your facility in perfect healthy shape with a scheduled SRS Property Management Corporation. cleaning program.

Consulting Services

SRS Property Management Corporation provides cleaning consulting services to property managers, cleaning firms, and, organizations of all sizes.  We work with clients that range from Multi-National and International companies to local school districts and develop a clear, effective, goal-oriented processes and action plans.  Our cleaning consultants focus on bottom-line results that are cost and time effective.

Whether you manage your own staff or outsource, you can benefit from our cleaning consultant services and expertise. Since our fees are usually performance-based, you won’t pay anything unless we save you money and improve service.

Inhouse Staff
Management Consulting

  • Benchmarking your staffing levels

  • Automating inspections and work orders with our exclusive web-based tools

  • Conducting quality assurance surveys

  • Designing and delivering training programs

  • Analyzing in-house vs. outsource feasibility

  •  Developing zero-based workloads and specifications

Outsourced Staff Management Consulting

  • Preparing the Request for Proposal (RFP)

  • Assisting in the contractor selection process

  • Evaluating service levels

  •  Helping the contractor improve service

  •  Reducing supply costs

Building Cleaning

A clean, pleasant and healthy environment is an important consideration for office workers when determining their job satisfaction. Your staff deserves the best environmental conditions that can be provided, and SRS Property Management Corporation offers office cleaning services dedicated to satisfying your needs. We will work with you to evaluate your requirements and to customize our cleaning program to the specific concerns of your company or organization.

Our services go above and beyond standard building maintenance and cleaning services.

Building Cleaning


We are a single source building cleaning and maintenance service provider that specializes in commercial building cleaning and maintenance, industrial facility maintenance, and restoration services.

Areal Building Services provides the below listed Building Maintenance Services & Programs: Construction Cleaning Services and Renovation Cleaning, Exterior Property Maintenance, Lawn Care, Litter Picking & Grounds Maintenance, Snow Removal & Snow Cleaning Services, Parking Lot Sweeping, Window Washing, Pressure Washing (Cold/Hot/Steam), Replacing Light bulbs & Tubes and Ballasts, Repairing Water Leaks & Toilets, Carpet Steam Cleaning and Deodorizing, Floor Stripping, Waxing, Refinishing, Maintenance, Painting Services, Plumbing Services, Handy Man & Repair Services, Floor Cleaning & Maintenance Programs, Specialty Cleaning Services, Fire  &

Additional Building

Additional building services are available on call at an extra cost.

  1. Event Services: Day Porters, Standby Event Cleaning Specialty floor & upholstery care: Specialty Hard Floor Care (Cleaning, Scrubbing, and Waxing), Specialty Carpet and Upholstery Care (Shampoo / Extraction)

  2. Windows and Exterior Building Services: Window Cleaning and Restoration, Exterior Power-Steam Washing, Rooftop and Gutter Cleaning

  3. Commercial Cleaning Maintenance Services: Complete Warehouse Cleaning, Parking Lot Cleaning and Maintenance

  4. General Construction Cleaning Services: General Construction, Construction Clean-up

  5. Indoor cleaning & maintenance: Air-Duct Cleaning, Painting, Electrical

  6. Landscaping and plant-scape: Landscaping, Interior plant-scape and maintenance Handyman Services


Our exclusive Year-Round Pest Control service is an affordable, comprehensive approach to creating a pest-free environment for your business, 24/7.
An insect or animal infestation can not only cause your business to lose customers, but it can result in standards violations for cleanliness as well. Our technicians keep your business pest-free and safe for customers.


To better serve our customers, we always stay up-to-date with all the latest trends and techniques in the pest control field. Call today with any of your pest control issues so that we may have the opportunity to resolve them. We provide the very best, and most thorough pest protection services to our clients. We provide professional eradication and prevention of pest infestations, education, and information about pests in environmentally responsible way.

Damage Repair

Once damage has been done by an insect or animal infestation, our technicians manage the damage and keep your business pest-free and safe for customers. We use the safest and most effective chemicals to treat all pest problems, we have alternative heat solutions if you are worried about chemicals. No matter what your pest damage is, we can find the perfect solution for you.

Maintenance Service

SRS Property Management Corporation is an expert in the cleaning and maintenance of commercial, and industrial buildings of all sizes. Some of our most popular services are exterior building cleaning, window cleaning, pressure washing, and winter management.  SRS Property Management complies with the industry’s strict requirements for quality, training, work practices, and safety. We are strongly committed to building relationships, adhering to strict safety standards, and, of course, doing an exceptional job. We are forward-thinking industry leaders and recently opened our in-house training center for employees.


  • Flooring (carpets, tile and grout, wood, stone, vinyl)

  • Blinds, draperies and sunshades

  • Windows and glass

  • Stone and metal

  • Furniture and upholstery

  • Pressure and steam washing

Special Recovery

  • 24/7/365 emergency response – cleaning and remediation
    Construction cleanup

  • Day or night porter services for meetings and special events (cleaning, furniture relocation, etc.)

  • Executive fine cleaning

  • Computer rooms and sensitive equipment cleaning

  • Pest control services

  • Office wellness programs (anti-bacterial dispensers, sanitization, educational materials, etc.)

  • Document disposal

  • Medical waste disposal

  • Escalator maintenance

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