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SRS Property
Management Corporation

100% Money back Guarantee.
Quality Service.
Unmatched Value.

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Green Cleaning

What is Green Cleaning?  The Cleaning Industry has defined green cleaning as “products and services that have a lesser or reduced effect on human health and the environment when compared with competing products and services that serve the same purpose.”  This definition was instituted to protect the health of our planet as well as its inhabitants. Our organization cares for planet earth and its sustainable values and it shows in our company policies and work results.



Need help keeping your office, home, manufacturing plant or health care facility clean and organized? 

Get in touch with SRS Property Management, your trusted partner for affordable and reliable cleaning services in Austin, Texas and Minot, North Dakota. Our bonded, licensed, and insured staff uses the latest and most effective cleaning equipment and eco-friendly cleaning products to provide residential and commercial cleaning services that comply with the strictest industry standards.


Standard Cleaning Services Types


Commonly use under ongoing regular cleaning programs to maintains the required cleaning standard of the property on day-to-day basis. This cleaning does not require any special tools, equipment, machinery or harsh chemicals to perform but only minimal resources. Things that are commonly in use can be identified as vacuum cleaner, mop and a bucket, fresh cloths, duster and cleaning chemicals.

Our Locations

Calgary, AB


Fredericton, AB

Kitchener, NS

Estevan, SK

Yorkton, SK

Halifax, NB

Montreal, NB


Prince Albert, SK 

Weyburn, SK

Vancouver, BC




Saskatoon, SK

Kamloops, BC



5900 Balcones Drive Ste, 6302

Austin TX 78731

+1 701 638 2474

12 Main Street Suite #204

Minot North Dakota 58701

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